What I'm Thankful For

I rarely ever openly talk about what I’m thankful for so this an opportunity to do so since everyone at RedState is doing the same. I’m thankful for the fact I finally got a job back in August more than a year after graduating from high school. I’m thankful for my family, my pets and the almighty himself who gave us all life. I’m thankful for this country and the freedom we still have if only inspite of this current totalitarian light administration.

I reflect on hope for this country in the future near and far. We should all be hopeful. We will not go easily into the night. We’ve got tough fights everyday against the radical left hell bent on turning this country into the next Soviet Union. We will not let that happen. This country is the genuine best hope the world always had, still has and possibly ever will be. The constitution and declaration of independence are the best documents ever written by the hand of man (aside from the Bible that is).

I have struggles in my own personal life, but I always take satisfaction in my survival and we all should do so. Always remember the almighty watching over daily. When I look into the future, I see a light at the end of tunnel. I must also say I’m thankful for how my life has changed over the course of 2 years. I first started paying attention to politics with the election of Scott Brown to the Senate in 2010 and the midterms later that year. I then started looking at the presidential race and primaries. The primaries in particular are what prompted to me to take a risk and get on twitter which I first did in early 2012.

For a short time, I shut down my account thinking it wasn’t for me. Though I changed my mind and reactivated it and as I’m writing this now have 353 followers which I never thought I would get that much when I first started. The very first time I actually got into social media was actually YouTube mainly just posting comments (I think I just posted 2 or 3 videos in my 5+ years). But posting simple comments seems to be my motto. I’d like to thank all of my followers on twitter for looking and listening to what I have to say.

The 2012 elections for as shocking to me they were, I’m happy that it’s sent me toward being a true libertarian which I wasn’t originally. I had a lot of like for people like John Stossel and Milton Friedman, but I only been a true libertarian for the time of less than a year (took me a little time to fully frame myself). I think while conservatives and libertarians don’t agree on some points, we do at least have a basic common cause for lesser government.

I know people are frustrated and at times depressed with what goes on in this country. At times there’s no way to escape the fear, panic and depression as I’ve experienced myself. But you get back up when you’re knocked down. That especially is true with the liberty movement. We’re gonna lose some battles (rare times lose big), but keep at it we win the next time and that what’s gonna happen in 2014 (though maybe despite the John McCains and Mitch McConnells constantly looking for ways to lose or surrender). A sample of faith is also required as well. Have that and a dose of simple optimism and you will prevail. Thanks and God bless.