Time for a Different Approach in Drug Policy

I think it’s become clear to most people now that the Drug War which was started under Nixon is an abysmal failure. Ever since its inception, drug and drug related crimes have been high and out of control at certain points. Now I’m talking about legalizing drugs in this diary (though I am in full favor of such). I understand there are those (especially here) who are at best hesitant when talking legalizing marijuana so I’ll save that for another time.

But the majority now obviously get the drug war isn’t working as is. It’s perhaps partially responsible for creating the current police state (though that’s a separate subject for another time). Probably the most destructive aspect of the drug war is mandatory minimum sentencing which if caught illegally possessing marijuana you could be facing up 25 years or more behind bars. Is that really necessary? Other people don’t get harmed usually in drug related crimes. Most drug crimes are victimless.

Earlier this year, Sen. Rand Paul of KY co-authored legislation with Sen. Patrick Leahy that would greatly scale back mandatory minimum sentencing which Barack Obama announced support for. So this particular issue has leeway with both sides of the political spectrum (most certainly has been with libertarians for quite awhile). I think if not legalization, decriminalization is the route to go on drugs. It doesn’t have the destructive penalties like the current drug war and doesn’t cause the same fear among conservatives as would legalization.

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