Obamacare's Going Down

Obama’s “fix” is being snubbed in numerous states. Many millions could get their policies cancelled and Obama’s and Obamacare’s numbers are crashing HARD. Harry Reid may now have to power to pack the circuit court with Obama crony leftists without Republican votes, but it’s too little too late. Obamacare is coming apart with staunch opposition at every level from Republican-controlled HoR to state Governors and Legislatures.

Currently there’s multiple lawsuits underway in court one of which being carried out by my state Attorney General Scott Pruitt (R-OK) with IN and VA joining in on the effort. What this particular challenge does as I’ve explained before is challenge an IRS statutory rule which says the insurance subsidies will be made available in all states. That goes contradictory to what actually says in the law itself which says the subsidies are ONLY in states which run their own exchanges which only 14 actually do while 36 have opted to the feds or entered into a partnership.

As is, the Oklahoma suit is up in the 10th circuit which will likely green light it at the end of the year. It’ll likely make it to the Supreme Court by the 2014 term so this could very well mortally wound Obamacare. Now until that time, I say we use any/all other methods at our disposal to permanently wound this atrocious law. One thing for sure is that Harry Reid will likely regret his recent actions on the filibuster when (not if) he’s forcibly demoted after the 2014 midterms. Liberty will prevail.

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