Guess what state just came into play for Senate control next year?

Dirty Harry has curbed the filibustering powers of the minority on a number of judicial appointments. It still remains very much intact for legislation and Supreme Court nominees, but it’s more limited now. My advice to Dirty Harry is enjoy this new power while you can cause you’re time is ever more so limited in your current post.

As we know Dems have a very good chance of losing control next year and curbing the filibuster is only accelerating that process. Dem Sen. Mark Udall of Colorado was originally considered safe for reelection next year, but recent Quinnipiac polls show him running under 50 against all announced and potential opponents. Quinnipiac also showed Coloradans disapprove of Obama’s overall job performance by an astounding 23 points (59-36).

I know that the filibuster rules changes had 52-48 approval meaning that all Republicans (obviously) and 3 Democrats voted against. I suspect the 3 Democrats are Mark Pryor, Mary Landrieu and Mark Begich so Mark Udall was one of those who voted for the changes. Since the Quinnipiac polls showed him under 50 against all potential opponents I suspect it’s only gonna get worse for him. Consider the Senate race in Colorado in play for next year along with the Governor’s race which John Hickenlooper made possible by passing tough gun control laws.

Colorado originally was a GOP bastion, but slowly turned blue starting in ’04 when Dems claimed control of the Legislature for the 1st time in I think 40 years (someone’s welcome to correct me if I’m wrong). They also took control of one of the Senate seats with Ken Salazar and then both of them with Mark Udall getting elected in 2008. The GOP briefly had control of the state House from 2010 to 2012 and hold a slight majority in the U.S. House delegation.

Dems are trying to turn Texas blue so I say we return the favor by turning Colorado red again (and keep Texas red of course). It’s also noteworthy in the Quinnipiac polls Rand Paul leads Hillary Clinton by a few points in Colorado. So keep your eyes pealed. (Note: I literally can’t post comments so I appreciate it if someone can help me out.)

Update: The three Dems who voted against the rules change are Joe Manchin, Carl Levin and Mark Pryor so I was mostly wrong before and apologize for that.