Dems have swept all statewide offices in VA, but this isn't another CA (thank God)

As I’m writing this, the AG race is still up in the air with a recount on the way (though Herring the Democrat holds a slight lead over Obenshain). Assuming he does win this out, Dems will possess all 5 statewide offices (including the 2 U.S. Senate seats) for the 1st time since 1969. But I wouldn’t be in celebration for too long cause there’s couple of things still in their hairs; 1. the GOP still holds solid control of the HoD (remarkably still hold a super-majority) which means Terry McAuliffe’s key items like gun control is without thinking DOA; 2. the State Senate while tied at the moment can easily swing Republican in a couples special elections.

The State Senate has 4 year terms for all 40 Senators so it’s not up till 2015. Though it’s been in a tie for the past 2 years (with Republicans holding leadership control thanks with a Republican LG). Northam the LG-elect will have to surrender his Senate seat and a special election will be scheduled either in December or January. The seat from what I’ve learned is fairly competitive and even had a Republican holding it for about 8 years before Northam was elected in 2007. I recently saw internal polls which show a Republican could win this seat and deliver an outright Republican majority in the chamber.

Now it’s not just Northam’s we’re talking about, it’s also Herring’s too. If he wins the AG post a special election will likely be called for his seat which is also competitive. Assuming the GOP can take advantage of low turnout and take both they’ll hold a secure majority at least through 2015. Also putting the HoD in the equation, the Legislature will serve as a spoiler for Terry McAuliffe’s key agenda pieces. Also a factor is that they hold only 3 out of 11 House district seats. So Virginia is no California and Dems be wise to recognize that.

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