Endorsement Day: Owen Hill for U.S. Senate in Colorado

I heard that Ken Buck the 2010 GOP nominee is running again so I decided to take a look at the crop. The one who impressed me the most is State Sen. Owen Hill (who famously called a bill “horse shit”). Why do I endorse him you may ask? In his time at the State Senate he has a proven pro-liberty record in particular standing up for the free market. Ron Paul also holds some influence in my decision seeing that Hill served as one of his delegates to the RNC and Paul himself recently endorsed him.

Looking his history of endorsing candidates from his Rand, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz it resonates very strongly. I’m very hesitant about candidates that have ran before and lost (see Christine O’Donnell, John Raese and Linda McMahon). Granted Buck lost only by 2 points and wasn’t necessarily his fault for his losing, but there’s at least a slight risk in running a candidate who ran before and lost. In each succeeding cycle, we should practice endorsing new and different candidates. Running the same guy from last time you may risk losing an otherwise winnable seat.

While Mark Udall the incumbent appears safe at the moment, Obamacare will probably make thing much more competitive going into next year. Plus there’s the Governorship which is poised to switch party hands due to the passage of gun control and the recall of two State Senators who were key in passing the legislation. Don’t know who to endorse that race yet, but that’s something else for another time. My candidate for Senate in Colorado is Owen Hill. Feel free to write what you think in the comments section below (not allowed to post comments for some reason so I can’t respond).