Obamacare: A National Joke

Back on Wednesday night (as everybody already knows), Obamacare was mocked by Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley at the CMAs. I first found out about it on twitter and show it on YouTube. I must say I loved it. The audience there was laughing at it hard and loving it. Rush Limbaugh was praising it yesterday and described Obamacare as a national joke. The left was driven mad by this and took it out on twitter. Ironically this was the 1st anniversary of the Dear Leader’s reelection so I couldn’t have picked a better time to mock his single biggest legislative achievement. In general the CMAs was pretty good as always with Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley. As a natural country music fan I enjoyed it a lot at least what I could see on the internet since we don’t have cable or satellite. Though now we know who’s next on the IRS’s and NSA’s target lists. Also going on that same night, Jay Leno was making a joke out Obamacare as well. He was talking about the Toronto mayor smoking crack and that his approval ratings went up. He then went on to joke that Obama’s better smoking crack than passing Obamacare.

Is there anybody who a year ago when Obama was reelected could’ve pictured a year down the road him and his signature achievement being mocked anywhere? I certainly didn’t for sure. Nobody pictured many key provisions (such as the employer mandate) being delayed passed the midterms in 2014. I predict the individual mandate is next to get a yearlong delay seeing how panicked Democrats are getting for their reelections next year. If nothing was delayed, I bet ya Dems would lose as many as 10-15 Senate seats and half dozen to a dozen House seats. It’s pretty easy to conclude seeing all the disasters going on with Obamacare and it being mocked at the CMAs concludes Obama is a 2nd term president. A joke.