The Results of 2013

I’ll just get right to the point.

New Jersey: Chris Christie is the first Republican since George H. W. Bush to win over 50% of the vote. He won 60% of the vote and drew big time from all the groups from women, democrats, independents, Hispanics, African-Americans. What should be drawn from this race is to learn how Christie did it and apply that to future campaigns particularly in 2016. I know people has issues with Christie still, but this astonishing result still merits a fascinating study. Meanwhile Democrats still maintain hold on the Legislature (surprising given the margin Christie won by), though I’ve yet to look at the results in detail so there’s probably gonna be an update later.

New York City: Well they just elected an open communist Bill de Blasio. Look for a spike in crime and a mass population exodus in the next 4 years. Shame Lhota lost since he looks to have made a decent mayor. Then again, his boss ran once 4 years previous before he was elected in ’93. So a rematch is in sue.

Virginia: Not entirely surprised the results here. Turned out to be much closer than polls said mainly thanks I think to Obamacare’s disastrous rollout. He actually lead McAuliffe almost all the way through until the very end which looked like he would win. Though ultimately look at this with no surprise (thanks to fraud Robert Sarvis and the GOP elite withholding money). As for the other races, Lt. Gov not surprised that Northam a Democrat was elected. The GOP candidate E.W. Jackson was just a bad choice. Best had chosen somebody who was more charismatic and didn’t say “yoga is the devil”. Whenever you choose candidates like this, the controversial things they say always get the attention. A good man, not a good political candidate. The best hopes for the GOP is Mark Obenshain who appears to have won though a recount could ensue based on the close results. Also noted is that the GOP kept solid hold on the VA HoD and is even more conservative thanks to the outing of GOP lawmakers who supported the (tax increase) transportation plan passed. Also noteworthy is that the GOP has a shot of maintaining control of the entire Legislature cause since Northam won he’ll have to resign from his Senate seat opening it up for the GOP. It was previously held by a Republican for 8 years so there’s a shot. Obenshain will have to vacate his seat too, but it’s pretty safe from what I’ve learned. So there’s plenty silver linings to draw from here. Obamacare actually lost at the ballot. 53% expressed unfavorable view of the law in the exit polls. Were it not for the GOP withholding money Cuccinelli would’ve won easily.

One thing’s for sure Dems aren’t so eager for 2014 with Obamacare as an albatross over their shoulders. Say what you think.