A tale of two cities (ironic considering this was part of de Blasio's campaign)

Just yesterday, New York voted to elect its next mayor Bill de Blasio to succeed outgoing Michael Bloomberg. Say what you will about him, but de Blasio makes Bloomberg look like Milton Friedman (and that’s saying a lot). Bill de Blasio is an out and unabashed communist. He went to the Soviet Union in his college years and he was one of the Sandinistas of which he still speaks highly of. NYC you’re gonna be in a hell of a ride for the next 4 years. De Blasio intends to raise taxes and unravel the policies set in place by Rudy Giuliani and Ray Kelly of NYPD. I personally disagree with stop and frisk, but that’s another issue entirely. Expect a major exodus of people and money in the coming years under this guy. NYC has jolted itself down the path of Detroit. The path of ruin.

To contrast that, this Friday Tulsa will vote to reelect Dewey Bartlett who brought Tulsa back 4 years ago from the brink of financial collapse. When Bartlett was elected 4 years ago, Tulsa (a very right leaning city in national elections) was on the path of Detroit. The city was financially unstable, jobs were leaving to other places, crime was on high and even the street lights weren’t operating right. Dewey Bartlett an experienced business man came along and has since stabilized and brought Tulsa back. He cut taxes, cut spending, lowered crime rates and refilled the rainy day fund. Today Tulsa along with OKC is the pride of Oklahoma and one of the top cities in the country for jobs. As someone who spent the better part of 8 months living there part time with my sister while I was in a job training program, I was very impressed with what I saw.

Every time I go through Tulsa all I see is construction, construction and construction. There’s always something new being built all the time. The metro area at large (which includes Broken Arrow and Owasso) populates at over 951 thousand. The unemployment is also notably low though I don’t have exact statistics with me at the time I’m writing this. The city at large is prospering very well. It’s a shame NYC is returning itself to the pre-Rudy Giuliani era, though I’m not surprised at how short of memories voters in New York have. Tulsa however recognized it needed to change course and it’s paying off. Dewey Bartlett has done his part fighting Obamacare to the best of his ability. In the next 4 years NYC and Tulsa will serve as contrasting examples in public policy for major cities. My question for cities in a tough financial pit is this: which path of will you go? Dewey Bartlett’s path to prosperity and stability or Bill de Blasio’s path to Detroit? You decide for yourselves.

Update: The Tulsa’s Mayoral race is Tuesday which is tomorrow as I write this. I was wrong when I said it was last Friday.