What the hell happened with GOPROUD?

I’m very baffled at what they’ve become. This organization was co-founded by Bruce Carroll back in ’09 that was suppose to serve as an alternative to the more left-leaning Log Cabin Republicans. He resigned from the organization earlier this year to consider running for Senate against Lindsey Graham. Though (to my dismay and understanding) decided against saying that he didn’t want his family to go through what happened to Sarah Palin and her family. Back to GOPROUD, they’ve generally become a single issue group. They also have dissed candidates like Ken Cuccinelli for their positions on gay marriage and gay rights. I think every issue deserves to be talked about somewhat, but the primary focus should be on the core issues like Obamacare.

What made me write this was this morning before I went to work, I was on twitter and saw Chris Barron of GOPROUD tweet out that he voted for Terry McAuliffe for Governor. What the hell logic kind of logic is that??? Whatever problem you have with Ken Cuccinelli, Terry McAuliffe is ten times worse! He’s a crony capitalist who thinks government can invade you privacy through Obamacare. I’m never supporting anyone who thinks that.Jimmy LeSalvia endorsed Robert Sarvis the Libertarian Party candidate for his position gay marriage. While Sarvis isn’t as bad as McAuliffe, he’s no real libertarian as I’ve explained before from his support of a gas tax and expanding Medicaid potentially. Ron and Rand Paul recognized that Ken Cuccinelli is the only real libertarian in the race and simply worthy of support. If Ken Cuccinelli wins he’ll be the most libertarian Governor in the country. He was the first to sue Obamacare (oppose medicaid expansion), fights vigorously against crony capitalism and is a true advocate for liberty.

If you live in VA, please vote today and help elect Ken Cuccinelli as your next Governor. Back to the point again, apparently I learned that GOPROUD has been off for a while. Andrew Breitbart resigned as a board member back in late 2011 and renounced them. The group has pretty much been hijacked by crony conservatives. FreedomWorks was hijacked by cronies back in 2012 as Glenn Beck recently told. Matt Kibbe was forced to step down as president and the libertarian board members were cast out by the cronies. Now afterwards some outrage came about and several weeks later Kibbe and the libertarian board members were reinstated. By January of this year, they successfully cleaned the house of all the cronies. I think it was a smart move for Bruce Carroll to step down cause I don’t know if GOPROUD can be saved now. When looking at political action groups make sure they’re worthy of trust.