What model should the GOP look toward?

I’m NOT endorsing Chris Christie for 2016 at all. I haven’t much appreciated his comments about libertarianism. And there’s some other things as well like his placing the special election for Lautenberg’s old Senate seat several weeks prior to the general election. But here’s the thing, unlike Cuccinelli in VA, he’s gonna win BIG time tomorrow. He’s projected to win most of the demographic groups from men, women, Hispanics and even among African-Americans and Democrats he’s performing impressively well. I think while he’s not truly pro-liberty, when you’re getting a broad coalition of Democrats, African-American and Hispanic leaders behind you, you’re doing something very right. Also something that hasn’t been mentioned but very important is his support for school choice which is why he’s getting endorsements from religious black leaders.

He also has 90% approval Republican voters in the state which is of noteworthy. The highest job approval he’s ever reached I think was upwards of 70% which is somewhat due to his performance with Hurricane Sandy from last year. It’ll be interesting to see what moves he’ll make in his 2nd term. Perhaps he’ll come back to the old Chris Christie we knew and loved with the pursuing of cutting taxes and such. Only time will tell for sure. Politics is about 2 things; standing on true principle and appealing personality (the latter of which Christie has mastered incredibly well). The only candidates I’ll endorse (or at least consider) are Rand Paul (my no. 1 guy as matter of fact) and Ted Cruz (will endorse him if Rand doesn’t run or drops out). These guys most definitely master principle like Ronald Reagan did and they manage personality fairly well too. If they wanna improve on personality to bring a broad coalition together look at Gov. Christie.