If Terry McAuliffe does win it'll be because of Robert Sarvis splitting the vote

By this point, anything can happen this Tuesday. If Ken Cuccinelli wins that’s cause for celebration. If McAuliffe wins I won’t be surprised cause of that fraud Robert Sarvis on the ballot for no good reason. People will be somewhat depressed if the latter happens, but there is cause for hope. Republicans will maintain control of the House of Delegates all 100 seats of which are up. The Senate isn’t up until 2015, but the Lt. Governorship which is responsible of presiding regularly and breaking ties in the Chamber if necessary. Right now the current Lt. Governor is Bill Bolling who was running for Governor until Ken Cuccinelli jumped in and scared him out of the race. It appears the Democrat running Sen. Ralph Northam is gonna win so that means he’ll have to resign his seat and a special election will be called by the next Governor whoever that is.

That particular seat was held previously by a Republican for about 8 years so they hold a shot of holding and gaining solid control of the Senate and the Legislature. It should also be noted that the Republican running for Attorney General Mark Obenshain is a sitting Senator too so there’ll be 2 special elections called. His seat is safely Republican so Northam’s seat is the one to watch next year. The left has been saying that Virginia is turning blue though it’s not accurate entirely. Obama only won by several points here in the last election and the definition of a blue state is disputable. Certainly a cemented swing state by this point, but nothing like New York or California. If McAuliffe does win then the next step from there is to maintain solid GOP control of the Legislature through via special elections. McAuliffe will likely get a tough fight from a Republican-controlled Legislature so keep this mind.

Also there’s still the 2014 midterms of which the GOP is fervent to make big gains with the self-destruction of Obamacare going on. So like George Patton I will not tolerate any descent or whining about losses in battle. You go fight the next one and continue.