What is Libertarianism exactly?

This is just to people who don’t have much an idea what it is. Last week I was taking my parents and a workmate of my dad’s to the Tulsa International Airport for business trip to Vegas. We were talking along the way and eventually started talking politics specifically Obamacare. I started talking and mentioned libertarian and my dad’s workmate was a little confused. I think he had a basic knowledge of liberal and conservative and he had supported Obama in ’08 and then switched Romney in ’12. But he thought at first I was an Obamaite so I corrected him. I explained a little what libertarianism was referencing Ron Paul and such. I had gotten the idea afterwards to do a diary explaining what it is and it took me a week to actually get around to that.

What is libertarianism? Well I guess you could call an advocate of the individual and individual rights. I like to identify myself as such sometimes. Libertarianism is for a small state and maximum freedom before it gets too close to anarchy. The founders if you read their memoirs and look at the constitution are very much libertarian. Even before I became one, I was very fascinated by the merits of libertarianism. I would always watch videos of Milton Friedman on YouTube from his Free To Choose TV series. And since I’ve converted I’ve listened to the likes of Ron Paul, Judge Andrew Napolitano and John Stossel.

Interestingly most us started off in different positions. John Stossel was originally a leftist back in his college years and gradually had a change in point of view as he got older. Milton Friedman was also a leftist at some point and so was Thomas Sowell. While I was never a leftist, my attitude was certainly a different reflection. I’ve always been center-right politically having been raised by conservative parents, but I never really had a true political identity. The most I did was throw around the term conservative. I started coming closer to libertarian credentials in 2012 during the presidential campaign and was rocketed off fast after Barack Obama was reelected.

One thing I highly recommend when looking at libertarianism is the Cato Institute home study course which is all available on YouTube. Go and check out for yourself and see what you think.