Robert Sarvis is a fraud

We now know who Robert Sarvis is and certainly not a genuine libertarian and more like a LINO (libertarian-in-name-only). Like with the Republican Party, the Libertarian Party over the past couple election cycles has put up candidates with no real principle (Gary Johnson and Bob Barr). Robert Sarvis is no exception to the rule. For one thing when it comes to fiscal issues while he sounds conservative he really isn’t. He doesn’t support tax cuts (actually supports new taxes on roads), he doesn’t oppose medicaid expansion and isn’t part of the Austrian Economics crowd. Rather calls himself “pro-business” and not pro-free markets. While the terms sound the same they’re really not. When someone is pro-business that doesn’t necessarily make them a friend of the free market.

Also there’s his positions on social issues. On abortion, he’s actually to the left of Democrats on this. After the Kermit Gosnell case the VA General Assembly passed by a wide margin new restrictions on abortion clinics making sure they weren’t health hazards. Even Democrats supported the measure by pretty good margins. Sarvis says he favors rolling them back which would only risk creating another Kermit Gosnell situation. While I personally disagree with pro-choice libertarians, I can at least accept their viewpoint. Sarvis however goes too far. On gay marriage, Sarvis favors legalizing it which isn’t truly libertarian. The true libertarian position is to get government out of the marriage business as reflected by Ron Paul.

So when you get down to it Robert Sarvis is really running as a centrist as goldwaterconservative points out in a recent diary of his. The closest to a genuine libertarian in the race is really Ken Cuccinelli. He was the first to sue Obamacare after it first passed, he’s fought against crony capitalism time and time again (which Terry McAuliffe is waist deep in) and overall has done more for individual liberty than a lot of other people in office have. This is cushioned by the endorsements of Ron and Rand Paul who’ve spoken very highly of Cuccinelli. I recently wrote a diary about the grime situation Cuccinelli’s campaign is facing lately, but I’ll try to keep open minded and see what actually happens on Nov. 5th. If Cuccinelli wins, it’s cause for celebration. If not don’t despair. The pro-liberty movement shall continue and will win in the end regardless what happens in VA. Hail liberty.

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