The libertarian generation

The GOP leadership in DC should take note of this. The Republican Party is becoming and soon will be more libertarian. When I say libertarian, I mean the youngsters like myself (I’m technically unenrolled but that’s beside the point) who are changing the GOP from the inside out. Just like at people like Justin Amash and Thomas Massie in the House and Rand Paul in the Senate. Hell Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are at least sympathetic to libertarian credentials. People like John McCain and Lindsey Graham are increasingly going extinct.

Obviously when people think of libertarian, they think of somebody who’s fiscally conservative and socially “liberal”. It’s actually more complex than that. Yes you do have issues like gay marriage which most in the younger generations don’t care for much, but there’s abortion which most youth and women lean strongly pro-life. You could argue that it’s libertarian to be pro-life as a matter of fact. Though I’ll talk about that in another time.

Also what’s contributing to this movement is the very fact that government is stealing from younger generations before they become taxpayers. SS, Medicare and Medicaid are also very unstable and will run out of money 10-20 years down the road if they aren’t reformed soon enough. In response to this libertarian movement, the GOP establishment has tried silencing them through intimidation tactics. John McCain has called Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Justin Amash wackobirds after Paul conducted his 13 hour filibuster in March. Lindsey Graham has made similar comments in the past.

They’re doing so because they (the establishment) know they’re going extinct very slowly. Now I don’t think libertarianism is gonna be fully embraced in 2016. The GOP base is still largely dominated by traditional conservatives especially in the Iowa caucuses. And actually people who lean right on those issues are starting to identify as libertarian too. Mostly it’s due to the GOP discrediting its base, but this is significant especially given the revelations of the NSA collecting data from every American on their cell phones, computers and the internet.

I think given 10-15 years, the GOP will be fully transformed libertarian and will hold new appeal in states like California and New York. Rand Paul has said that the GOP needs to lean libertarian to win in places like California. I think he’s pretty much right here. I know there’s people skeptical of some elements of libertarianism which is totally fine. It is a very strange term and philosophy perhaps, but it should be looked at more often and considered. Let’s get working.