Repeal the 16th amendment

I previously wrote a diary about repealing the 17th amendment which would return the authority of electing senators to the state legislatures where it properly belongs. That amendment is culprit to allowing the kind of power the federal government posses today. There’s another one that’s responsible and that’s the 16th amendment (the progressive income tax). It has led to the creation of the IRS which as ME Gov. Paul LePage put it properly the American Gestapo. Also very accurate based on its past year activities.

The very concept of a progressive income tax goes against the original intent of the framers and the constitution. It has to be repealed and replaced. I don’t know yet whether I prefer the flat or the fair tax, but either are much better than the current system. I’d like to see more of this dialogue in 2016 and actually see happen under the next GOP president whoever that’ll be (Rand Paul or Ted Cruz). But whenever this does happen this will be a victory for liberty and the constitution along with repeal of the 17th amendment.