Time to repeal the 17th amendment

The major reason why there’s so much overspending and assaults by the federal government on states rights is because it was allowed to happen through the direct election of senators. Before the establishment of the 17th amendment senators were appointed by the states as as a way of safeguarding their rights. That’s the reason why every state each has 2 senators so as to give them each an equal voice.

The House of Representatives is the people’s house while the senate is at least suppose to be the states house. But that hasn’t been so since this horrid amendment was introduced and enacted. I guarantee you that Obamacare would’ve never passed if the 17th amendment wasn’t introduced or enacted at least.Part of the process of taking back our constitutional liberties is to return power which has been lost back to the states. Let Harry Reid know he’s not king of the Senate.

Update: I can’t comment on RedState for some reason, so this is the closest I can respond to comments. Seems to me the reaction the comments sections is very mixed. To those who feel it can’t be done or it’s not a good idea, take a look at Mark Levin’s liberty amendments. He’s scores some great points.

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