Nobody is getting it still (well mostly everybody)

Recently the NJ Supreme Court has ruled that ssm can go into effect as scheduled making the state the 14th to do so. I’m not here to talk about NJ, rather the whole marriage debate. When I look at both sides pro-gay marriage or pro-traditional marriage for all the differences, I see one distinct similarity: government has authority to recognize your marriage and give you “benefits” (really it’s nothing more than welfare) for such. As I’m writing this, it’s just 7 days short of a full 4 months since the Supreme Court rulings on DOMA and Prop 8. Whether you agreed or disagreed with the rulings (particularly DOMA), I was hoping this would set this debate in a new direction of whether or not government should be recognizing anybody’s marriage gay or straight.

Libertarians are the most political community debating the question and I would like to see some in gay and Christian communities asking the same question. But unfortunately they’re still all patsies in this debate by asking government to intrude in our personal lives as much as possible. While that’s happening the leftist elite are celebrating like mad that they’ve managed to fool everybody. Their ultimate goal is to get as many people as possible under government dependency and marriage is one of those techniques. They prefer ssm as that tool, but they’ll settle for government recognized marriage which ever way. So I plead to my colleagues in the pro-liberty movement: STOP FALLING WITLESSLY INTO THIS PROGRESSIVE LEFT TRAP.

State involvement with marriage is the biggest possible insult made everybody. It’s nothing more than asking for free welfare. Take it out of government and leave it to churches and private organizations to decide. My church will never marry a gay couple cause that would change everything it believes in. That’s totally fine. On the other hand there’s another church that’ll happily do that which is fine too. Glenn Beck has made terrific points on this in the past. I know the traditionalist movement is concerned about religious liberty assaults that come with legal ssm and they do strike some good points. But they continually go back to advocating government sanctioned marriage and the gay advocate movement is just as guilty of doing so as well. Needless to say though, marriage privatization isn’t gonna happen any time soon. All I’m trying to do here is expanding the debate to considering other options. I’d ask anybody on either side of this debate to consider this.

Update: I’m not surprised at the comments I’m getting here. Though it’s always healthy to have a level of disagreement. Just hope I haven’t offended anyone.