Now can we consider the Pruitt challenge?

Well the GOP leadership is caving yet again. And I sure as hell don’t intend to give them a break until they outright apologize, retire or their @$$e$ are thrown out in a primary. But what Obamacare? The battle shall continue there as well. I’m not buying any bull$hit for a moment that this is gonna be impossible to dismantle. The left says it’s the law. Well so was slavery and segregation for 300+ years in America and they both were eventually outlawed. DOMA was until the Supreme Court came in and invalidated it (technically it’s sec. 3 that was thrown out). Prohibition was law for about a decade and it was repealed in 1933 due to it becoming overwhelmingly unpopular. I could go on and on but I’ll stick to the point.

I had consistently held up that fighting Obamacare will continue on regardless what the shutdown would yield. It’s outrageous how steadfast the Senate GOP caucus has been and still is against Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul. While the House leadership has its own problems, there needs to be a new goal to transform the GOP caucus in the Senate over the next 2, even 3, election cycles. At most there’s 19, 20 pro-liberty Republicans in the Senate at the moment. 2014 is a good start to making those numbers swell up dramatically. You’ve got several Rockefeller leftists and 7 red state democrats up for reelection next year. Replace all those with pro-liberty candidates and the pro-liberty movement will be in a stronger position in the Senate. Do the same with maybe 10 House Republicans as well.

But I’ll talk about now what the title says. I’ve spoken numerous times about Scott Pruitt’s lawsuit which challenges Obamacare on statutory merits of how it’s implemented. A little background: you may or may not remember this but May of 2012 the IRS declared all states shall be subject certain subsidies and penalties under the ACA regardless of whether they’ve set up an exchange or not. Except in the law it’s explicitly stated that only states with their own exchange qualify for that. At the time of course, NFIB vs. Sebelius was in the Supreme Court’s lap and John Roberts did that [email protected]$$ maneuver and declared it a tax.

Recently Pruitt was interviewed on the Dick Morris Show and spoke about that originally Oklahoma had the option of joining the 26 states but ultimately declined. We decided to go on our own much like Virginia did. The suit was then put on hold to see what happened with individual mandate challenge. Once that was settled the case was reopened and was changed to instead engage the statutory flaw set up by the IRS. Currently the suit is pending in the 10th circuit federal court which is evenly divided and has a good chance of reaching the SCOTUS in 2014 term. I know people prefer defunding, delaying. So do I, but there’s still many other methods to fighting it. Ultimately never give up fighting this fight. Let us use whatever possible means to our disposal.