Endorsement Friday: Liz Cheney for U.S. Senate in WY

This is something new I’ll try to make a regular (or semi-regular) thing every Friday. I’ve made public endorsements on RedState and twitter before, but this will be more sorted out. Today’s endorse goes to Liz Cheney for Wyoming Senate. I make this cause we  have too many career politicians in Washington and desperately need more fresh faces. She’s running against incumbent senator Mike Enzi who while isn’t a Lindsey Graham or John McCain (and has devotedly stuck with defunding Obamacare), he’s done some very questionable things. He participated in the Gang 0f 6 back in ’09 to negotiate for Obamacare-light legislation and is an establishment figure. But what ultimately swung me into the Liz Cheney camp was his support and co-authoring the internet sales tax bill with Dick Durbin of Illinois. The bill passed the Senate 68-32, but was stopped dead in the House thank God by the Tea Party members.

And again, Enzi to his credit has done a good job in the Obamacare fight, but that’s really only thanks to Liz Cheney entering in to challenge him. Over the summer, she went on the Rush Limbaugh Show and showed off her credentials incredibly well. Rush even said in the interview if we had 95 more of her in the Senate then we should be set or at least 51. 2014 shall be the year of pro-liberty candidates whether conservative or libertarian. Let’s get the work started.