Steve Lonegan for U.S. Senate in NJ

He’s a candidate of solid principle and has a strong track record of cutting taxes, restraining spending and reforming government welfare programs as mayor of Bogota. He’s all opposed to Obamacare. I may also say I proudly support as a libertarian as well. He’s opposed to the Patriot Act, NSA surveillance and is skeptical of an interventionist approach on the world stage. Whenever he’s confronted, he doesn’t back down. His election will be what MA was in 2010. Only this time we have somebody who’s of conservative/libertarian strain (no projecting offense to Scott Brown here).

His opponent is Cory Booker the mayor of Newark. The direct opposite of Lonegan’s record in Bogota, taxes have gone up, spending skyrocketed, crime up, unemployment up, poverty up and public schools are failing. While it originally looked that Booker would cruise to victory, things have significantly changed in the last few weeks. Lonegan has been hitting Booker hard on television and the air waves. In a way, this reminds me of how my current Representative Jim Bridenstine (OK-01) was elected. Originally an underdog, he rose up steadily and by hitting the incumbent over the air waves and ended up defeating him in the primary by a fairly sizable margin.

Don’t let the consensus fall on you that Cory Booker is just win this race. Steve Lonegan at this late point has a clear chance to becoming the 1st elected Republican to the Senate from NJ in 41 years. Not only that though, he’ll increase of what is currently a small number of principled GOP senators fighting for liberty. Don’t tone it down. Keep turning the heat up on Cory Booker. Let’s win it for NJ and America on Oct. 16th.