Government Shutdown: Now what?

The government has been in shutdown for nearly 11 hours now as I am writing this (going by eastern time). What should be done now? Try holding firm on defunding or delaying Obamacare. There’s no way Harry Reid will be this stubborn forever and neither will Barack Obama. But you’ve gotta hold firm on principle and fight it out. Also noteworthy is that later this month there’s the debt ceiling which the GOP can win out too. Ultimately regardless of the outcome here, we shall continue on fighting Obamacare. It’s unpopular, it’s unworkable and I suspect it’ll collapse down the road one way or another. I read a terrific column at FreedomWorks.com by @ExJon. He speaks of how Obamacare may be law but won’t be so forever citing DOMA and prohibition. I suggest you go check it out. Don’t despair if this doesn’t work out. We will win this out one way or another regardless of a government shutdown. (Note: Please don’t comment if it’s negative cause I’ve had enough of looking at them; plus I’m not able to reply to them since RedState bars me from posting a comment.)