How Oklahoma And Texas Are Leading The Charge Against Obamacare

I don’t think Obamacare is ever gonna settle in regardless what comes out of the showdown in Washington (though it’s preferred strongly to see it defunded or delayed). It’s unpopular, it’s unworkable and hard to understand. I don’t buy the consensus that it’ll become entrenched like other welfare programs traditionally (at least not immediately). So we should be fighting it in every way possible. Obviously in Washington we’ve Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas who’s done such a great job in this fight I could see some kind of victory in the outcome. No offense to Texas, but we here in Oklahoma are also playing a huge role in fight to destroy Obamacare.

My state attorney general Scott Pruitt has a lawsuit filed and probably will make it to the Supreme Court in 2014 sometime. I know we tried this before and John Roberts had his head up his @$$, but it’s always possible for the court to change their mind. And we should be taking the fight at every possible level from as high as Congress to street level. It’s never smart to go into battle with only one maneuver. Gotta hit the enemy from multiple directions to take them out. While defunding/delaying I want to see happen, Obamacare is still law of the land so we gotta continue fighting it.

The courts should be considered in this. The lawsuit Scott Pruitt filed is aimed at the healthcare exchanges and the IRS breaking a rule in Obamacare. It’s stated that any state choosing not to set up an exchange shall not be subject to certain taxes and fees. But the IRS decided to ignore that and applied them to all states regardless of whether they set up an exchange or not. Also to keep in mind while speaking of this is that 33 states declined to set up an exchange. I remember FreedomWorks and Heritage Action campaigning to urge state elected officials to refuse to set them up so as a way to bring down Obamacare. Where’s all that gone now? Regardless we’ve gotta hit it from all directions to effectively kill it. Also get ready for 2014 to oust any/all red state Democrats and RINOs.