#StandWithRandAndTed 2016

As ya’ll already know, I’m a huge Rand Paul fan and even wrote a diary here at RedState endorsing him for 2016. But after this filibuster I’ve turned into a Rand and Ted fan. Paul and Cruz according to Matt Drudge are the faces of the Republican Party. And he is correct 100%. These guys are the real deal and it’s about time somebody start to draft them for the presidency in 2016 as a ticket. Both are great individually, but as a duo they’re the ones who are gonna pull America out of the pits in 2017.

I know there’s also Chris Christie, Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan as well, but none of them make it to the level Paul and Cruz do. Chris Christie; he’s pig and a hack. DON’T NOMINATE HIM. Marco Rubio (no not talking about that); he’s articulate, well-spoken and passionate, but it’s simply not his time. He’s still fairly young so he can either stay in the Senate in 2016, or even run for governor in further future. Maybe him and Mike Lee can team up for 2024. Paul Ryan; don’t run anybody from a ticket that lost.

Another reason for putting these guys together is that this would represent a new age not only in American politics, but the actual direction of the country as well. When was the last time we actually cut spending? It was restrained during the Reagan and Clinton administrations, but nothing more and it went way out of control under Bush Jr. and Obama. The last time from what I know spending was cut was during the Eisenhower administration when the GOP controlled Congress for the first 2 years (ironically this was the last Republican Congress until Newt and the Gang came busting in in 1994).

Here’s a more significant question though; when was the last time the federal government operated on a truly limited level and kept spending under control? That would go even farther back to Harding and Coolidge in the 1920’s. After that, Hoover and FDR greatly expanded the role the federal government and has settled in the last 80 years. Why not go back to the time of Coolidge? I certainly would. Or at least much closer to that which has better chance of happening.

Oh yes, repeal Obamacare once in for all! For the time I say fight it in every plausible way from defunding, states, courts etc. I also won’t be taking crap which it’s all over if Obamacare isn’t defunded now. I’ll be happy if it actually happens, but in the scenario it isn’t let’s set out to fight it any way possible. Obamacare is a rare exception when it comes to entitlements. It’s unpopular, no one understands it, several key provisions have been illegally delayed and the very construction is just horrible. Maybe far down the road it’ll become near impossible to dismantle, but I for the time being am not taking anybody’s crap. Fight it out for as long as necessary and through whatever plausible means you can think of.

Now getting back to the point, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz aside from their solid principles are much more attractive than the figures like John McCain, Mitch McConnell or Lindsey Graham (kick his @$$ out in 2014). They’re upbeat, they’re positive and very humble too. During his filibuster, Cruz never once spoke ill of his fellow members Republican or Democrat. He even talked about the good personal friendships he has with the 2012 freshmen class which really opened my eyes about the relationships between US Senators. Very truly Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are the pair to rally around to restore and lift up America.