No H8? How about freedom of speech?

This maybe a little late, but I’ve been thinking about this subject of late. As everyone already knows in Russia Vladimir Putin signed a law that would ban LGBT “propaganda”. And well the American left is (or at least was) going bonkers about it. From Lady Gaga to Barack Obama, everybody was threatening to pull out of the Olympics in Russia. Looking at the situation by itself, I really don’t know if their outrage is warranted since it’s not exactly clear what this anti-gay law does. But there’s a stink of hypocrisy in the air here. Did we ever hear a peep out of the left about Vladimir Putin outlawing freedom of speech? Did we hear any outrage from them about committed voter fraud and imprisoning political protesters to win another term as president last year?

No we didn’t! In fact, don’t we remember after Putin won Barack Obama had said to then-president (now-prime minister) Dimitry Medvedev to give him some space on cutting our nukes until he won reelection? If you ask me, this whole threatening to boycott the Olympics in Russia was just a mascaraed to assure his gay lefty allies he won’t stand for anything that’s contrary to their agenda. And while there are those in the gay rights movement who were genuinely outraged, the left political establishment didn’t really care. They just put on the act themselves too. In reality Barack Obama and the radical left both love Vladimir Putin. Why? Cause they wish they could do half the things Putin has been doing.

It’s not just outlawing free speech, Putin also back in his previous two terms nationalized key industries in Russia and brought back the Soviet-era anthem as the national anthem. He called the collapse of the Soviet Union a catastrophe. Also while he was out of office for 4 years, his buddy Dimitry Medvedev expanded presidential terms from 4 to 6 years and striped term limits out. Hence Putin comes back in 2012 (never really left actually). And he got back in by suppressing the political opposition. Also more recently Russia declared they’d be reclaiming an old Soviet base they’d abandoned at the end of the Cold War.

Now while we’re not actually in a 2nd cold war here, Putin is nobody to be trusted and neither is the political establishment in Russia. And this is exactly why the left loves him. While they don’t necessarily like the anti-LGBT law, they love everything else he’s been doing. Suppressing freedom of speech, nationalizing major industries and his op-ed in the NY Times which he says America isn’t exceptional. It’s what the left has always dreamed of doing for past 50 years at least (actually the past 100 going back to Woodrow Wilson). So please leftists just drop the act and confess your secret love for him.