We The People Is Gonna Win Us The Day

I first want to praise Speaker Boehner, Floor Leader Cantor and Whip McCarthy for finally listening their constituents and the American people if only doing so reluctantly. They’ve allowed a vote to defund Obamacare while funding the rest of government. Kudos to all 230 lawmakers who voted as such. Now we have the challenge of the Senate where not only is there Sleazy Bastard, but still a good portion of the GOP caucus that’s still reluctant to defund Obamacare.

While this will even tougher than it was the House since Dems control the Senate, We The People always prevails in the end if their voices are heard loud enough. To win this in the long haul, the House has to remain stiff and steady throughout this battle. Sen. Ted Cruz plans to filibuster if necessary in order to ensure any possibility of passage of the CR defunding Obamacare. But even with all that, there’s still President Big O who of course says he’ll veto any/all legislation that dismantles his biggest legislative accomplishment in any way.

There are those on both sides who say it’s futile to attempt passage because of this, but let me take you back in time to 1995 and ’96 when the last government shutdowns occurred. During that time, Bill Clinton vetoed welfare reform twice, but ultimately signed it which served as key to his reelection later that year. And while Clinton is a much different a person and wasn’t far left at least back then like Big O is, this serves proof that holding your ground on principle has its rewards in the long term. Not just welfare reform, but later cutting the capital gains tax and balancing the budget happened which delivered the economic boom of the mid to late ’90s.

Obviously different today is that Dems control the upper chamber of Congress while the GOP back then held both. But 2014 is lurching closer and closer and some red state Dems like Mark Pryor and/or Mary Landrieu had better be thinking of their political careers. Also I like the idea of Ted Cruz filibustering. Though some like David York say that there’s not the resources to even do that, I say to Ted Cruz give it everything you’ve got with the help of Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Mike Lee and add David Vitter into the mix. If we continue chanting We The People, our elected officials will give in eventually. Just takes time and pressure. Even Big O for as stubborn he is can’t veto it forever.

Regardless of what this effort turns out the fight never stops. We The People will win it out one way or another. Just don’t stop fighting.