2014 & 2016: The Libertarian/Conservative Manifesto

We’ve got a lot of work to do in saving this country in the next two election cycles. And here’s the biggest objectives we must focus on.

Stopping Obamacare one way or another

Right now we’re focused on defunding (which until otherwise can consider me on the band wagon), but we should be fighting it through multiple avenues. While defunding is a convenient and effective way to stopping it before it can do real damage, it’s possible it won’t be happening right now cause the leadership is just gutless to do so. I think we should and are doing all possible turn them around (in fact I’m cautiously optimistic it’ll be successful in the end), but in the case it doesn’t happen we shouldn’t lay down and declare all is lost like some are saying.

I’m one of those keen on fighting it for as long as necessary. And a key way to doing so it simply refusing to participate. There are those who say it won’t be possible to dismantle if gone into effect, but to that I respond you have any idea how poorly constructed this law is and how much political opposition there is? Once in implementation, the political opposition will only grow cause many will their coverage (many are already), the law itself is so hard to understand that young people especially won’t be buying health insurance they don’t want or need. So I’m in favor of defunding and don’t want it to reek havoc and chaos, but never give hope if defunding doesn’t happen.

My state attorney general is taking a lawsuit against the IRS and health exchanges through the courts as we speak. And could reach the Supreme Court next year. While John Roberts had his head up his a$$ and declared the mandate a tax they last time they looked at it, I’m willing try anything and everything to stop Obamacare which especially includes states doing so on their own terms by refusing to implement some provisions. If defunding happens that’s a victory worth getting drunk over. But if it doesn’t, don’t go declaring the apocalypse is unstoppable or any of that crap. Continue as we are doing now which is taking the message to the American people who already hate it. Keep chin up and we’ll win this one way or another.

Tax Reform

This has to be a big subject in 2014 since it’s picked steam from the IRS scandals and so forth. Obamacare has also thrown grease on this debate. Things have to happen in this endeavor; scrap the current tax code and replace with the fair or flat tax. Either are better than this current monster known as the tax code which both parties have vastly contributed to. I think Grover Norquist and ATR can add to the No New Taxes pledge that also forces a candidate to commit to not only just lowering taxes, but scraping and reforming the current one to make things much simpler to understand. Let’s get this going.


Repeal and replace this horrible law. This will wreck havoc in the next financial crisis whenever that is.

Immigration and Border Security

Secure the border and enforce our immigration laws. Don’t give citizenship to illegals, but don’t go blanket deportation either. Doesn’t work when you have 12 million illegals living here. I’ve always advocated the multi-option system which I’ll talk about another time. Also open to guest worker programs.

CUTTING Spending

Let’s stop with just cutting the rate of spending. The sequester helps a little but not a lot. Let’s actually cut how much we spend for once!

Those are the goals we must focus on in the next 2 election cycles. Let’s get started fellow libertarians and conservatives.