The CO recalls are a sign that liberty wins out

Even with the gun controllofreaks Michael Bloomberg and the folks at Mayors Against Illegal Guns, the Dem State Senators lost out to their GOP opponents one of them in a heavily Democrat district in Pueblo County. They apparently don’t get why they lost cause out cause Angela Giron from Pueblo County said it was cause of voter suppression. When Democrats lose they rarely get why (imagine what Barack Obama and the progressive left would’ve said if he lost to Mitt Romney last November). Or if they do, they don’t have the stomach to actually confess it.

Angela Giron and John Morse lost because they along with Gov. John Hickenlooper (who may decide to step down than rather go down in defeat next year) and Democrats in the State Legislature overreached and assaulted on the 2nd amendment rights of Coloradans. So they in response decided to recall two Senators who had a pivotal role in advancing the gun bill through the legislature. The petition was actually signed by more Democrats and independents than Republicans. Oh yeah just as note, I have relatives who live in Colorado Springs which is where John Morse is from. These recalls ultimately give sign voters are waking up to the assaults on their personal liberty. Let’s try building on that in 2014.