Not fooled by Speaker Boehner and Leader Cantor's ploy to keep Obamacare going

Everybody by this point should know what Boehner and Cantor are doing. They say they’re attaching an amendment with the CR to defund Obamacare, but in such a way that allow’s Sleazy Bastard (my nickname for Harry Reid) to take it out once it reaches his desk and then pass a clean continuing resolution that funds Obamacare to Obama’s desk. Everybody at Breitbart, RedState and FreedomWorks already are on the move this stunt they’re attempting to perform. They the reason why they are is that they don’t want to face off Sleazy Bastard and Obama in another budget match off. If they truly oppose Obamacare then they should just go ahead actually help the effort to defund it. Though it’s very questionable by this about whether they were serious about stopping it in the first place.

Regardless what it may be, don’t be fooled by this act. Contact your representative and tell them not to fall for this tactic. While I don’t think this the last time we stop Obamacare (see my previous posts for how we stop it through multiple avenues), this law will still cause havoc and chaos in the healthcare system and the overall economy. Defunding it is the most effective and convenient way to stop it before it fully blooms. Don’t let the leadership off easy. If they want to stop it, demand that they actually try. If they don’t wanna stop it, best they just fund it without any hidden tactics so we at least know where they stand. I believe we will win this end. The Tea Party and grassroots are gathering strength day by day and it’s freighting the political establishment. Just make them even scared of doing the wrong thing and they’ll do the right thing for once. Don’t give up the fight regardless people. We will prevail in the end regardless how this particular battle pans out. Contact me at twitter.com/JGcountry01 for comments. Thank you.