How libertarians think on abortion

I’ve heard criticisms of libertarians on a number of issues from drug legalization, gay marriage, wars etc. But I wanna talk about one particular; abortion. A lot of people out there misinterrupt that most libertarians are pro-choice. And while there a fair number of them out there (Nick Gillespie of Reason and John Stossel as a couple examples), there’s an awful lot of pro-lifers out there too which I include myself in. To name a few Ron and Rand Paul, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Glenn Beck, Julie Borowski and Lew Rockwell.

Libertarianism in reality is almost exactly split down line between pro-choicers and pro-lifers. The pro-choice side argues that it’s a violation of privacy for government to dictate what a woman does with her unborn child. The pro-life side argues however that abortion is taking away an individual’s right to life which is very much true. Thus, when that occurs the government has merit to become involved via passing pro-life laws in state capital halls. I very much support that cause and also believe with the country becoming ever so more pro-life, Roe v Wade’s days as law of the land are becoming increasingly numbered.

Recently I heard that the Supreme Court could take up a case against Roe which could deliver mortal blow. Currently the court is very split down the line especially with recent major cases, but I think there’s a better than fair chance they’ll strike it down or at least limit its scope so as to give states some leeway in passing even greater restrictions on abortion. I’d love to talk about this, but this is a different subject for a different time. While I do disagree with pro-choice libertarians on abortion they do have their approach right about non-aggression in changing minds. While I fully agree with and support restrictions on abortion, the pro-life movement should also be out there changing the minds of people who are otherwise pro-choice through promoting alternatives.

Actually this has been already funny enough through the Clinton administration. About twenty years in the early 90’s, there was an epidemic of teenage pregnancies and the abortion rate ran at over 1 million per year average. When Bill Clinton became president, he started a program up that would promote alternatives to discourage early pregnancy from education, birth control and so on. Also in cases where there was pregnancy adoption was promoted as the alternative to abortion. As a result of the program, the teenage pregnancy and abortion rates have dropped dramatically over the past two decades. All thanks to the guy who took credit for welfare reform after vetoing it twice and had to be dragged screaming on a number of policy issues.

But the point I’m trying to make here is that while I’m all for laws banning/restricting abortion, we should also take the non-aggression approach to simply chaning people’s minds on the issue. I hope this clears some things up and that the pro-life movement will gracefully welcome libertarians in the mix to end abortion on demand once in for all. Please send me a comment at twitter.com/JGcountry01.