The states are the best hope of the future

I decided to write this cause this is a subject that’s talked about or at least not as much as it deserves. Right now we’ve the defund Obamacare going on in Congress with the whole thing being organized by Mike Lee and Ted Cruz. Everybody keeps on saying it’s all over if not defunded. I’ve said numerous times that I’m all for defunding in the CR next month. But I don’t it unstoppable even if it’s allowed to proceed in implementation.

While we’re discussing this topic, there’s still lawsuits moving steadily through courts one of which is being spearheaded by my state attorney general Scott Pruitt (R-OK). We’re one of two states (other being Virginia) that declined to join the NFIB v Sebelious case going about on our own instead. As a result of not joining, our case is still going through the courts steadily. And there’s battles against the law at the state level too.

I’m all pedal to the metal in favor of defunding through the CR. As a matter of fact, if it’s actually accomplished I’ll jump up and down in joy. And the GOP will earn my full trust again for actually fighting for principle and succeeding in that en devour. But if it doesn’t then we have to consider alternative means. As a matter fact it’s foolish to go into this battle without a backup plan somewhere. And the states are just that. Not just Obamacare, but a wide range of issues from spending, taxation, regulation and other public policy matters.

The greatest thing the framers did was design this country as a federalist system where different states can dictate their own public policy much different from the federal government and from other states as well. Foremost example of states that are doing much better than the federal government would be Texas where they’re running an 8 billion dollar surplus which they’ve achieved through lowering taxes and restraining spending. Even my state Oklahoma is doing relatively better than the feds. So don’t disparage about the apocalypse or any of that other crap. The battle is never truly over until one side surrenders. And when I say “side”, I mean the grassroots and such not the GOP DC enclave.

P.S. Can someone tell me how I can actually comment? Every time I try to it says that I don’t have permission to post on this thread. A little help would be appreciated here.