Do not despair if the CR solution doesn't pan out

I find it very odd this all or nothing behavior on the continuing resolution battle to defund Obamacare. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all behind the effort to make it happen. I think it’s the most desirable solution to stopping it and I think those who aren’t for defunding should have their (pardon the twitter language) asses kicked out if they stand against it. But let’s say for the sake of it that this effort doesn’t pan and Obamacare continues to be funded. What then? It seems nobody has a plan B if this doesn’t work. Well I think there’s another way if not the CR: fighting and stopping it at the state level. You may have forgotten this, but 33 states have rejected setting the exchanges on their own (half overall who’ve said they’re not participating in it at all).

Months before anyone talking the CR solution, groups like Heritage Foundation and FreedomWorks were persuading state governors and state legislatures to reject the state-run exchanges. They said then it was a way to stop Obamacare cause the Feds would have to set them up themselves and well… We know how good of job the Feds have done so far in implementing it. There’s inconsistent language with Heritage and FreedomWorks from several months and now. They said then reject the state-run to stop Obamacare. Now they’re saying the CR solution is the only way to stop it before it goes into effect. Really? Really??? Also there’s still court challenges against key sections of the law and sooner or later one of those suits are gonna hit home run. My state’s attorney general Scott Pruitt (R-OK) happens to be behind one of those suits.

Like I said, I’m all behind the effort to defund all the way through. But I disagree that it’s otherwise unstoppable cause of it’s unpopularity. Ted Cruz has said that if it’s allowed to continue through, it’ll become popular and thereby impossible to dismantle like other entitlements before it. Except programs like Social Security were popular from the very start. Obamacare has never been popular and frankly very hard to see it becoming that way if people start losing their insurance. Also the law is so poorly constructed and filled with holes there’s no way people will wanna participate. When was the last time the Federals implemented 2,700 pages?! And who’s to say they’ll do so successfully and effectively??? There’s no way they can implement this complex a law like this. It just won’t happen (not effectively at least).

Now that said, it won’t necessarily fall apart immediately (and certainly no one will be spared from its death struggle). Which is why I’m all behind Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Mike Lee and Rand Paul in this effort to stop it before it goes into effect. If this is to become reality, call, email and speak personally with your representative and senator about supporting the defund effort. I think there’s a better chance to get the votes in the House since the GOP there is more reliably conservative than the Senate GOP. If they respond with fears of the GOP being blamed, make sure to point out that it’s either Barack Obama, Harry Reid (or both) who’d be shutting down the government. So get out there and make this effort reality!

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