Rand Paul 2016

I’ve made clear twitter and here at RedState that I’m a libertarian and a big fan of Rand Paul. I’d like to officially announce my endorsement of him for the presidency in 2016. I endorse him cause he’s the only candidate who I can truly trust who’ll stand on principle (there’s some exceptions like Cruz). The GOP’s lost the two past elections with poor candidates, but truthfully the Bushes while I respect them personally aren’t really conservative.

Bush Jr. may have some conservative credentials both as Governor of Texas and then president, but he also started things that ended up disaster (i.e. the NSA, Medicare prescription, No Child Left Behind). Let’s not also forget the out of control spending in the 4 years the GOP had solid reign.  The best I can say for him on those is that he had genuinely good intentions. But as Milton Friedman said, you don’t judge programs by their intent but by their effectiveness. Though he did have genuinely good policy like cutting taxes which gave us a solid working economy.

And of course after him, we got McCain in ’08 who in my humble view was the WORST nominee the GOP has ever put up. In the case of Romney, while I like him a lot better than McCain, he too had his pitfalls that costed him ultimately. Though looking at the 2012 field, I doubt none of the other candidates aside from Cain who I enthusiastically supported in his early campaign and loved his 9-9-9 plan which would’ve drastically lowered the tax rates. And maybe Newt too. Now the other candidates: Santorum; I admit I supported him after Newt, but I’m glad he wasn’t the nominee because if he was, the Akin-Mourdock oops moments would look miniature in comparison. Bachmann; I’m sorry but she wasn’t a good candidate. I honestly don’t know if she’s capable of winning a statewide race.

Huntsman; thank God he wasn’t the nominee! For all of Romney’s errors he at least had his conservative moments and looked convincing. Huntsman is a leftist who belongs in the Democrat party. Paul; back last year I was still trying to find my identity so I hadn’t yet arrived to my libertarian enlightenment. But if I were then what I am now, I would’ve enthusiastically supported him. Though I don’t know if would’ve been elected if he won nomination (which the latter obviously wasn’t gonna happen).

But anyways back to what I was talking about, 2016 I think is a prime year for true change cause I think the country will be ready for a new direction. We need to put those states back into play and some libertarian strain is a good bet to try. There’s also other potential candidates like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum (honestly I don’t want him to run again), Chris Christie (DON’T NOMINATE THIS GUY), Scott Walker, Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal and maybe others we don’t know of yet. But Rand Paul is the guy to support for the presidency. He appeals to the younger generations and to all demographics. He’s also the guy to nominate if we wanna get back into competition in California, New York or New England. The GOP has steadily lost ground in all those areas even in New Hampshire where they haven’t won it since 2000.

Rand Paul is actually working to do what the RNC says what should be done and don’t take action on: reaching out to voters of all backgrounds and ideological leaning. After his filibuster back in March, he received a lot of praise particularly on the left where they genuinely care about civil liberties to an extent. When I see John Cusack or Van Jones praising somebody on the right, that means there’s some crossover value in libertarianism. Ironically, the people most criticizing him were Republican establishmentites John McCain and Lindsey Graham. And when I see that happening while the leftists praising him, that shows there’s something seriously wrong with the GOP in the DC enclave at least. Ultimately when considering whoever in the GOP field in 2016, consider Rand Paul if he runs (which I think there’s a good chance of happening).

The last time this country had genuinely limited government was in the 20’s during the Harding and Coolidge administrations. I think we’re way overdue to return to that stage. Let’s elect Rand Paul president and restore this country bottom-up to what it use to be. The work starts now.