George W. Bush: Conservative credentials, but not a conservative president

I write this cause people are always pointing what failures Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney were. They say they weren’t conservative enough. Except that we haven’t had a truly conservative president since Ronald Reagan. Why nobody points it out is beyond me. George W. Bush wasn’t conservative in the least.

Not to say he didn’t have his conservative credentials in the least bit (cutting taxes as an example). But he also signed No Child Left and the Medicare Prescription law. Also he was failure in restraining spending! Even Bill Clinton accomplished this better with Newt and the gang persisting him of course.

The GOP had 4 full years of control and what did they do with it? Got us into fighting two wars, brought us a deficit and the GOP at large was not conservative with its attitude. Granted the fighting wars part was due to 9/11 so give them a pass there (at least with Afghanistan). Also Bush pursued immigration reform and amnesty which isn’t conservative.

Everybody should be harping over these things, yet we’re complaining over Romney not going hard enough on Obama? People may cite that he won twice. Okay fine, but doesn’t make him conservative, it just means he had better electoral strategy and better campaign than the past two nominees. Just because a nominee wins, doesn’t make them conservative. It certainly is the case with G. W. Bush. You could actually argue he wasn’t that much better than Romney or McCain.