Why with the pessimism?

I look everywhere and what do I see? Pessimism, pessimism and pessimism. Obamacare; it’s defunding it or it’s all over! Immigration; we’re getting amnesty regardless what we do! It’s all over! Elections and GOP; Republicans ain’t ever gonna win another election! NSA and scandals; we’re becoming a police state! We’re doomed! DOOMED!!! For crying out loud, can cheer up a little bit and try looking at the bright side of things a little bit more often!? It seems everybody still’s suffering from post-election depression which should’ve at least been over with a week after Barack Obama was reelected. When your side loses, you just try again.

Take into account Obamacare; this law is so unstable I doubt it’ll ever get solid ground in its implementation. I’m all for defunding and actually encourage everybody who reads this to contact your representative and/or senator if they haven’t yet signed Mike Lee’s pledge. But when was the last time the federals successfully implemented 2,700 pages?! Not to memory for sure (but then again I’m only 19).

Also the states are still fighting like hell against it (one in particular my state of Oklahoma). And there’s lawsuits against other key sections moving through the courts as we speak. Sooner or later one of those challenges are gonna be hitting a home run. Nobody advocating defunding has mentioned this. And then there’s the immigration debate. This solidifies why I chose to register unaffiliated cause the party is so damned divided that I don’t wanna be caught in the middle of it.

People are fearing the leadership will push amnesty under our noses somehow. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them contemplating this, but they won’t have the guts to pull this stunt off cause it would likely require breaking the Hastert rule. They’ve already done that twice which has made relations between the tea party caucus and the leadership anything but smooth. Not saying take everything for granted (keep up the pressure actually), just saying that Boehner is anything but stupid. He knows that passing an immigration bill with only a minority of Republicans is a career killer for him as Speaker of the House (and nothing stops a primary challenger fromcome forward).

Ultimately I’m just saying quit with this much pessimism. There’s a time to be depressed and there’s time to get back into action. Shutting off the TV and covering your ears don’t get you anywhere in a political war. Get back into action and speak with your congressman and senator about Obamacare, amnesty or anything else that concerns you. Just DON’T get into depression (not for a long time anyway).

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