What I think is gonna happen with this immigration debate

Recently Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) had said that there’s 40 or 50 House Republicans who’ll be willing to vote for an immigration reform package. But Boehner is gonna walk this process slowly and maybe bring up a bill in October. Now there are those who’ll screaming warnings that the House is gonna pass amnesty etc etc. But I’m very skeptic about what Gutierrez said cause while there maybe enough Republican votes to pass an immigration bill, John Boehner if I know of him enough is not gonna bring up any bill that fails to garner significant Republican support. If he does that then he can kiss his job goodbye which he could’ve easily lost back in January.

Plus, there’s many House Republicans like Michele Bachmann (MN), Louie Gohmert (TX) and Steve King (IA) who’ll being tooting the horn to alert the grassroots and to give the leadership pause in performing this stunt. And Barack Obama doesn’t want any bill to actually pass at all. He wants to use this as an election wedge for 2014 so as to enable his party full congressional control for his last two years. In the end immigration won’t be passing at all this.

There’s gonna be too much outrage at the grassroots level for the leadership in the House to risk breaking the Hastert rule on this significant issue. Besides we’ve currently got Obamacare defunding effort on our hands so the immigration business won’t probably get much attention till we get farther into the fall. In the end, there won’t be any immigration legislation let along amnesty getting passed Congress this year. Comment below your thoughts.

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