The history of the modern left and how it came to be

Yesterday I had written a diary describing RINOs and the Rockefeller left. Today I’m writing about the overall history of the modern left. You basically separate them into different factions: first you’ve got your radical socialists/marxists (i.e. Axelrod, Holder, Obama) who wanna do all hell possible to change America as founded. You’ve got the leftist journalism and media crowd who aid and abide them in whatever scheme going on. But you can spot out a third faction one of which I call the Rockefeller left.

Really this sort of thing started back in the progressive era with figures like Teddy Roosevelt who was one himself. As a matter of fact, both parties had some sort leftist stigma to them as well as a right wing. Though overtime the parties slowly started to go in opposite directions (Democrats going farther left and Republicans farther right). And the last major leftist faction in the GOP were the Rockefellers and eventually they to joined the Democrats (like WV Senator Jay Rockefeller). But there’s still a stench of the left in the GOP today.

Recently in an interview with Jay Leno, Obama brought up his “bromance” with John McCain as compared to a romantic comedy. McCain was asked to compare his relationship with him to a movie and he responded with “honeymooners” (truthfully Brokeback Mountain is a better pick). A little weird if you ask me and it’s hard to believe these two ran against each other in ’08 (it was Sarah Palin who everybody wanted). But nonetheless, he’s serves as a great example of the Rockefeller left. Lindsey Graham is also part of that crowd (if you live in SC do all you can to defeat him by supporting an opponent).

Michael Bloomberg is another big example which makes me wonder why he just won’t go back to the party he feels more at home with. Former Vermont Jim Jeffords is also a Rockefeller leftist. I think it’d do the Republican Party a lot of good if all these Rockefeller leftists went the way of Lincoln Chafee and Charlie Crist. But make sure to make a clear distinction between RINOs and these old style Republican leftists. Comment below what you think.

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