Where I stand as a libertarian

This is just to make explicitly clear where I stand and all that stuff. On fiscal issues; I fully believe it is the individual not the government that succeeds and allows the economy to prosper and grow. That also goes with lowering taxes and cutting spending (or at least restraining it). Regulation; I think that when there’s too much regulation the individual is discouraged from succeeding and restrains economic growth and kills prosperity. That also includes forced unionization and paying union dues. On immigration; I unlike some of my fellow libertarians don’t believe in open borders cause that only invites disaster national security, societal and economics wise. I’m all for immigration reform, but secure the border FIRST before spouting off any dialogue about legalization or citizenship (not necessarily endorsing citizenship on any basis). On civil/personal liberties; I feel the NSA program is unconstitutional and should be done away with at all costs to protect the right of privacy for all Americans. I think this principle applies to other things like right to a jury and fair trial and innocent till proven guilty. This has proven to cross party lines with a lot of people especially with the NSA. Gun control and 2nd amendment; the right to bear arms shall not be infringed upon. Don’t like Micheal Bloomberg or Diane Feinstein whatsoever.

On cultural/societal issues; school choice; this is the best method for children in getting an education and be successful in the job world. I’m staunchly opposed to the teacher’s union and what they stand for cause they do a very poor job at genuinely educating the children. I’m also staunchly opposed to leftist indoctrination taught in the public schools around the country. And I’m against teacher tenure; they should hired on the basis of how effective they perform their job and should be fired for such reason. If a teacher is old and doesn’t do so well like he/she use to, replace them with a better one. I’m also a very big fan of school vouchers and the benefits they provide. Home schooling should have as little regulation as possible so parents can provide the education to their children they feel the public schools don’t provide properly. Drugs; not crazy about legalizing them, but I don’t care for the “war on drugs” either. Let it be a state issue.

Marriage; I feel very personally that traditional marriage provides the best possible benefit to society both moral and economic grounds. That said government getting involved one way or the other is NOT a good thing really. Though I’m willing to be flexible and allow the states to debate and pull the feds out all the way with repeal of all those federal “benefits” to married couples and all (with exception to some form of state sovereignty protection). Basically my general principle is that the marriage license is just big government in disguise (clever one if you ask me). And legal SSM really doesn’t improve the situation at all. Makes things worse actually. And I’m in favor of strong protections of religious liberty which is very important to have especially in legal SSM. Abortion; life begins at conception and should be preserved if possible at all. Unlike marriage, abortion requires government action cause an individual’s right to life (sometimes two) is being infringed by another. I’m staunchly opposed to taxpayer funded abortion and should be cut at the federal level. Abortion also violates religious liberty since Catholic hospitals are threatened into performing such. If anything abortion is legal homicide. I favor crushing Roe v Wade and returning this debate to the states to decide. Make sure to comment below to let me know what you think.

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