Stopping Obamacare: What people must do to make defunding a reality

It’s now the congressional recesses so Senators and Representatives will be heading home until September when Congress comes back. Issues arising during the townhall meetings will be immigration, spending, taxes and most particularly defunding Obamacare. As everyone already knows, there’s a pledge being circulated around by Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) to defund Obamacare via continuing resolution at the end of September with the aid of Sens. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Marco Rubio (R-FL). As is there’s 13 total pledge signers (Cruz, Rubio, Risch, Crapo, Inhofe, Vitter, Lee, Fischer, Chiesa, Enzi, Paul, Grassley, Thune). There were originally seventeen who signed on, but backed out those being Cornyn, Ayotte, Wicker, Kirk and I forget who’s the fifth one who dropped out. If someone can point out in the comments that’d be helpful. Anyway, this pledge is the best chance to stopping the “train wreck” as its author Max Baucus put it before it happens. But this will only become reality if the people get involved which is why the August recesses are the best times to making that happen.

I forget how many exactly, but some hundred House Republicans are committed to defunding Obamacare. The leadership in both chambers are currently opposed to the move fearing it’d be a repeat of the shutdowns of ’95 and ’96 (even though they really didn’t get squabbled that bad in the elections of ’96). Then they actually picked a net of two seats in the Senate and kept it stable in the House. Plus, it actually benefited the GOP and the country in the long term cause were able to successfully convince Clinton to sign welfare reform and balanced the budget. And in this situation, it’d be Obama and the Democrats who’d be threatening a government shutdown not the GOP. I know media is always on their side, but there’s a great contrast between 1995 and 2013. Back then there was no alternative media. One big thing then was Rush Limbaugh and talk radio. Fox News was two or three years away and the internet was in its infant stage. Now we have Fox News, Drudge Report, PJMedia and countless other media organizations like here at RedState who make the world of journalism much more competitive than it use to be.

Another reason I suspect why the GOP is so hesitant to endorse the Cruz-Lee-Rubio CR solution is simple lack of courage to do the right thing. The key is to make them fear more of the consequences of the doing the wrong thing (i.e. primary challenge). This month demand your Congressman and/or Senator to hold a townhall meeting so they’ll be forced to listen to your concerns. There are several staunch conservative Senators who’ve yet to sign the pledge like Ron Johnson (R-WI) and Tim Scott (R-SC) who elected with the help of the tea party. And there are some like my Senator Tom Coburn (unfortunately) who’ve called the effort “dishonest”. Kudos to Jim Inhofe for signing on to the pledge. If any ya’ll live in Texas best ask John Cornyn why he pulled and thank Ted Cruz while you’re at it. Also demand answers from the other GOP Senators who’ve dropped out of the pledge as well as those who haven’t signed on at all. I’m optimistic that this effort will be successful in the end as long as people go out and talk to their elected officials. Now let’s get to work on ending Obamacare.

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