Despairing about the situation? Look to the states for results

A lot of conservatives and libertarians have been despairing what’s going on nationally. Well not everything is going down the toilet, you just have to look at the states to see that. Big examples like Texas and Wisconsin where conservatives have been in charge of state government are prospering relatively well due to lowering of taxes and restraining spending. Especially the case in Texas where they have an 8 billion dollar surplus and luring businesses from across the country (particularly from California where the politicians are wrecking the economy with out of control of spending and taxes). And it’s not just those two, but any/all state being run by Republican-led governments (governor and state legislature) overall are doing better fiscally and economic wise than Democrat-run states. Currently the Republicans control 24 state governments (25 if you include NE) and Democrats have 13. Twelve are split at some level or another. GOP holds 28 states legislatures, 30 governorships; while Democrats hold 17 state legislatures, 20 governorships. Five legislatures are split (i.e. each chamber controlled by a different party). It’s also noteworthy to mention my state Oklahoma which is making huge strides economic and business wise.

In the 2013 Best & Worst States for Business | ChiefExecutive.net | Chief Executive Magazine, the 10 best states (TX, FL, NC, TN, IN, AZ, VA, SC, NV, GA) are almost totally controlled by Republicans (NV is controlled by Democrats in the legislature). The next top 10 (LA, UT, CO, OK, ND, AL, WI, SD, KS, WY) is the same situation where Republicans control 9 out of 10 states. CO is again the exception. Then with the bottom 10 (CA, NY, IL, MA, NJ, CT, MI, HI, PA, MD) 6 of them are controlled by Democrats while 2 by Republicans and 2 are split. There’s more; Forbes Magazine recently ranked the top 10 best economically performing cities 7 of them being in Texas. Now there situations where like in Detroit where cities and municipalities are worse than the federal government and going bankrupt. But for every city and/or state that’s on the verge of bankruptcy, there’s a dozen out there who are doing just fine fiscally and economically. Just keep that in mind. Please comment below to let me know what you think.

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