When the House of Cards Fell

We’ve seen more than a few headlines recently on Drudge titled “Worse Week” with a photo of the President perched just above the familiar bold “Impact” font headline masthead.  Mr. Obama has certainly had more than a few “bad weeks” over the past year, but it seems this one is when the House of Cards that is this administration will finally fall.

Thursday of this week, the Supreme Court in all likelihood will strike down most, if not all, of Obama’s signature Healthcare legislation.  This is practically Policy Armageddon.  For Political Armageddon, we will witness, also on Thursday, the United States House of Representatives vote to hold the sitting Attorney General of the country in contempt of Congress.  This for a coverup AND underlying crime that has actually resulted in the death of at least one person serving his country and countless other innocents who lost their lives in what was potentially no more than an attempt to take the “cling” out of the bitter clingers.

The ruling on Arizona’s Immigration law adds a third tier – Social Armageddon – to the fray.  This one is less evident.  The SCOTUS struck down most of the state law, but left in place one of the tenants that most annoyed liberals and the open borders crowd.  Left and Right are both claiming victory here – Arizona Jan Brewer has said the ruling “affirms” the rights of Arizona to ensure the legality of those roaming withing Los Estados Unitos, while the administration and numerous Democrats are “pleased” that the Federal Government’s supremacy in matters of immigration are affirmed.  Secretly I’ve got to believe this is the absolute WORST outcome that liberals could imagine.  SCOTUS basically said “Yeah, the Federal Government should be in charge of setting immigration policy . . . but since they won’t pay attention to our own laws the states have SOME POWER here.”  I’m not sure everyone fully understands the ramifications of this yet.  It concurrently places the states in a subservient role to the fed in matters of interstate policy (which is technically the correct stance IMO) while acknowledging that the fed is derelict in its duties.  Ladies and Gentleman, I’m in no way claiming collusion among the “conservative” Justices on the court to make sure the verdict came down this way with the supporting and opposing opinions structured as they were, but that would have been BRILLIANT.  I mean, darn near Marbury v. Madison brilliant…seriously.

So that puts the administration in a position where it must oppose an Arizona policy that is wildly popular across most of the country.  They must now directly defy local and state authorities who are simply attempting to enforce what is the law of the land.  Its akin to the Civil Rights era, but with roles reversed – The Federal Government is trying to subvert Federal Laws, while the states are trying to uphold it.

So there you have it – Policy, Political, and Social Armageddon, all likely in the same week.  A trifecta.  The Hat Trick. The triple-double.  Any way you position it, I fully expect the week of June 24, 2012 to be the one that history looks upon as the one when the ponzi scheme that is the Obama Administration’s house of cards actually fell.

Long live Liberty.  We still have our country.