Tax Refunds - Its Our Money . . . I'm just saying . . .

(((Standard Disclaimer – my handle refers to my handedness, not my politics)))

Believe the Lie?

I am one of a number of tax-paying citizens that have had their federal income tax refunds “delayed” for inexplicable reasons.  I’m not counting on the refund to make the mortgage, but it would be nice to pay off some debt.  That being said, (as a bona fide x-files fan), let me offer up my conspiracy theory de jure.

I filed my taxes promptly.  Due to the delay of the passage of the tax code, the IRS couldn’t accept it until a few weeks after I completed my form (I used the Secretary-of-Treasury-Endorsed TurboTax).  So then I was given a refund date of 2/25.  February 24 rolls around and it is changed to 3/8.  Problem is, we have a “government shutdown” looming for 3/4.  Everyone here knows the Dems want the shutdown.  They think they can replay the Myth of 1995.

I Can Hear the Telepromter Now

“Let me be clear . . . there are millions of tax-paying Americans that can’t get their refunds because Republicans have shut down the government . . .”

Do I really believe this no . . . kind of . . . sort of.  BUT, if it does come to that, I would like us conservatives to pose a few questions first:

1. Why do I have to pay taxes based on my income in the first place (fllllllllaaaaaatttttt tttttaaaaaxxxxxx)

2. Well, I guess question #1 is really it.

Do I believe refunds are being pushed back anticipating a shutdown?  At this point, nothing much would surprise me.  But I will say, based on Tim Geightner’s (aka TurboTax) user bulletin boards, the public ain’t buying it.

Hey Barrack/Dem Party/Squishy GOP – Let me keep my money so we don’t have to do this dance every year, OK?