Enough Mr. President

The sitting president of the United States of America stands in our capital city, at the people’s house, and joins the leader of a foreign power in demeaning the people of one the sovereign states that compose the Union of which he is president.  Surreal.

Enough, Mr. President.

President Obama’s policies, I believe, are radically different than the intentions embodied in those left by the framers of our country.  His inclinations are toward statism, socialism, and elitism.  He has a natural aversion to robust American military presence, and a distinct knee-jerk toward compromising with foreign powers.  He thinks most who have gained an economic advantage have done so at the unjust expense of others.  He believes our system – be it financial, political, or social, is fundamentally unfair as it has been constituted the past 250 years.

Fine.  He didn’t campaign that way, but any mildly educated voter willing to put in the least bit of due diligence would come to the conculsion that we are, indeed, getting what we paid for.  You can’t expect a politican to be honest, but you can expect them to follow their own self-precedent.  Barrack Obama was always a socialist, a statist, and an elitist.  Regardless of his campaign rhetoric, this is who the man is. And these are all philosophical arguments.  Throughout this nation’s long history, we’ve had statists, socialists, and elitists advocating radical change in our systems – mostly losing but sometimes winning for their causes. I get that.  That is part of democracy.  To paraphrase Gov. Chris Christe, that’s what politics and democracy is all about, the argument.  Remember what President Reagan told his own people – in America we don’t have enemies, we have adversaries – that is to say just because someone is opposed to my viewpoint doesn’t mean they are our enemies.  In fact, President Reagan often spoke of our “well meaning but misguided liberal friends.”

As far as I’m concerned, President Obama has crossed this threshold.  His foreign American apology tour was enough to make your stomach turn.  His inccessant bowing to the autocratic and dictitorial heads of oppressive nations is uncomprehensible.  His using the bully pullpit to jokingly demean the people of Arizona for having the guts to take on the duties that the federal government is constitutionally mandated to handle is sophomoric.  But joining with the leader for a foreign power to against the private citizens of one the states this Union – that’s treason.  That’s enough.

It was disgraceful.  It would have been enough for the president to stand beside a foreign leader as he disparaged the country.  But to take the podium afterwards and agree with him, that is enough.

Enough, enough, enough.  A thousand times enough.

Republican, Democrat, liberal, conservative, whatever.  Much like the Earth’s climate, political movements ebb and flow.  This is something beyond a political movement.  This is something we have never seen before from our topmost representatives – anti-Americanism.  Seriously, attacking our own states, admonishing our own citizens who approved of an already-established federal requirment through a democratic process. That’s TROUBLING Mr. Obama?  Citizens standing up for the integrity of their border and the well-being of their traditions?  THAT’S troubing?  No, sir.  I respect the office you represent moreso than any created by imperfect men, and I’ve always said that we should show our respect to the office regardless of the man who inhabits it.  But this is beyond anything we could have imagined.  This is insane.  You are unfit for the office and unfit for the country.  Shame, Mr. Obama, shame.

Through eight years of hearing Republicans say “he’s not my president” regarding Bill Clinton, and eight years of hearing Democrats proclaiming “he’s not my president” regarding George W. Bush, I though both claims were innane.  You may not have voted for him, but he was your president.  Well, I’m to that point.  I’ve had enough.  Barrack Hussein Obama is not my president. No man who joins foreign powers in demeaning their own citizenry can ever be.