Don't be fooled by the DNC.

I’m guessing you watched the DNC and now you feel all good inside. If so, they got you! Listen, the Democrats are great marketers. They could sell a T-bone steak to a guy that just finished eating a porterhouse. The Democrats basically have a product, Barack Obama, that really doesn’t provide a lot of services. It doesn’t know how to conduct foreign policy, it doesn’t know a lot about economics, but what the product does have is some charisma and a good speaking voice. Most of us would throw in the towel and try to find a new product to sell, but not the Democrats. They use their excellent marketing abilities to find a way to make you buy their product anyway! They neglect to tell you that the product can’t conduct foreign policy or doesn’t understand the economy, so all they show you is what the product CAN DO….and that’s give you these great speeches and make empty promises…… Think about it, Obama never tells you how he’s going to do anything. I could tell you all the stuff you want to hear too, that we won’t need oil in 10 years or that if I’m President that we’ll never go to war again, but it won’t be true! The problem is, once you buy this empty product because it sounds SO good, you are stuck with this product for four years and it can’t help you.

By the way, do you honestly think Bill Clinton is sold on Obama? The guy can’t stand Obama. Then why did he give Obama a full endorsement? The short answer is, he sold out. Bill is very stubborn. He wants Hillary to be President. He doesn’t have the pull within his own party like he used to and that makes him angry. The high ups in the Democratic Party basically told Bill, if you want Hillary to have our backing in the next Presidential election, you are going to have to play ball and endorse our guy. So that’s what Bill did. Bill doesn’t think Obama is going to be a good leader. He thinks Hillary will be and to get Hillary there, he’s done what he had to.

I ask you ignore all the heartfelt stories about how Obama and his wife met….or the endorsements from Bill, Hillary and Jimmy Carter. The fact remains, this guy hasn’t ran anything. He hasn’t even had the responsibility of managing a small business and he wants to run the whole nation? That’s frightening.

Before I let you go, everyone should look up Obamas career. I know he loves to talk about being a big community organizer in Chicago as his only real profession…and I applaud him for the short time he spent doing that…but he only did that for a short period of time. What he neglects to tell you is that he also worked for an “evil” corporation, took a high paying job at a law firm and then made a pretty good wage teaching law school at the University of Chicago for 12 years. He barely mentions these occupations….Why? Because he’s selling you an image! Its like going to the dealership and the salesman offers you a Ferrari for $20,000. The car looks great on the outside, so you buy it immediately. Once all the papers are signed, you happily get your key and try to start the engine……..Of course it’s not going to start…WAKE UP PEOPLE! The Democrats are this dirty used car salesman. Don’t be fooled by them…..Until next time. courtesy of thejohnmccainblog.com