Young, Female, Executive Seeks Same - On Sarah Palin

I find it very interesting that some people are having ‘heartburn” with this. I think that strategically, it shows that McCain is thinking about the country, the party, and the future. He has his opponents scrambling, since this was not out of the ‘playbook’ that they had for McCain. That was first very obvious, as they unsuccessfully try to tie him to Bush ’43. So it will take the O-Biden (now he’s Irish) Team longer to come up with a plan. If the first few ‘attacks’ are any indication… then, as long as McCain stays “on his message” then the American People will see the truth.
Another strategic thing that must be considered is in choosing Gov. Palin, age 44, with a win, she is a shoe-in for 2012, if McCain chooses not to run again, and also for 2016. In 8 years, she will only be 52.This helps with the rebuilding process. Lest we forget, the Republican party, and the Conservative movement, have no BENCH! We have not been growing leaders, getting them started in the political process. Placing them into position for the future, making them a part of the political process. I don’t think that the message that we want to send to Generation X, Generation Y, and Generation V, that they are not an option. This is a generation of socially conscious, aggressive, people, who feel they have something to contribute, and will use alternate means to accomplish their goals.AMAZINGLY, Obama forgot one of the bullet points of his own speech “Sometimes change does not happen in Washington, Sometimes change COMES TO Washington”. Discarding Sarah’s EXECUTIVE experience as a Mayor insults most Americans, because America, is a collection of small towns. Discarding Sarah’s EXECUTIVE experience as Ethics Commissioner and Chairman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, upsets their apple cart, since this is evidence that it is the people and not “Big Oil” that will be the priority of this administration. Discarding Sarah’s EXECUTIVE experience as a Small Business Owner, insults the fabric of American ingenuity, accountability and determination. Discarding Sarah’s EXECUTIVE experience as a WORKING MOTHER, is an insult to anyone who has managed a family. Running a home & family is the quintessential executive experience of managing people, process, budget, tools, etc.

Is Obama & his team implying that only Washington experience that they consider relevant? If so, then this shows that it is HE that is “more of the same”.