Applying Current Industry Practices to Politics

The choice of Sarah Palin, is an indicator that attracting talent for the workforce, is definitely changing politics. People must holistically accept that after almost 20 years of “serial entrepreneurs” and the growth of outsourcing for staff augmentation and special project consultants, a culture of “get in, get out, get it done, has now entered the political arena. Gone are the days, where companies, and now the political process, had the “luxury” of only finding talent in long tenured, short resume candidates. It is no longer rare to find that ideal resource with a 3 page resume, and 7 companies/positions, in 20 years. The workforce of today has a culture that in order to get a better salary, or a promotion, they have to leave the company, that they are at, and find a “greener pastures.” This model works, as long as there are proven results that are clear and demonstrative.

Gov. Palin has that track record of proven results. This is clear and demonstrative evidence of change you can believe in. She is a LONG TERM asset.