Why the questions were more important than the answers at the September 7th Republican National Debate at the Reagan Library.

On the whole, the Republican candidates performed well at the Televised MSNBC Debate on the evening of September 7.  The performances of the two main hosts – Brian Williams and Politico’s John Harris were uneven at best. The tone of several of the questions revealed the great divide in American politics between the Left and the Right. Two questions in particular asked by Brian Williams regarding the Death Penalty in Texas and the necessity of an active Federal Government role in preventing hunger by school children contained distracting insertions of Progressive ideology in the middle of a debate between Republican candidates.

The reasons behind the tone of the two debate moderators is that for Democrats, a government program’s intentions count for more than a program’s actual results. Democrats also grant themselves a monopoly on compassion for the less fortunate. Solutions to societal problems that do not depend on an increased role for the Federal Government are branded as heartless and uncaring no matter what their actual effectiveness turns out to be.  

The evident damage inflicted on our economy due to the expansion of Progressive Government programs by President Obama and a Democratic Congress is so glaring that even the ever present smoke screen created by the mainstream media can no longer hide their failures from the American people. The recent expansion of the Federal Government’s power has included an increased role in the Auto, Financial and Healthcare Industries and hundreds of new regulations passed especially in the area of environmental protection.

For Republicans to gain the longer term upper hand in moving our country in the right direction, a greater percentage of potential American voters must be persuaded to agree with the values advocated by the candidates on stage rather than the debate’s moderators. In an earlier era in America before the dominance of our culture by the Progressives, the majority of Americans were taught to believe and lead their lives according to traditional/conservative values. Many believe that many of the major challenges facing our country are directly caused by this change in our majority traditional belief system to one characterized as Progressive.

Republicans must be better at extolling the virtues and benefits to the American people of a return to an economy based on the principles of the Free Market and Private Enterprise. They must be able to change the typical public exchange as witnessed once again at these two critical moments in the Debate as the assumed characterization by Brian Williams of a typical Progressive solution to a societal problem as compassionate and any Republican advocated solutions as uncaring and heartless.  

Traditional American Capitalism based on the fundamental principles of the Free Market and Private Enterprise has always been responsible for creating the great wealth of our country.  Increased prosperity by the American people will provide a better platform for solving societal problems as opposed to depending on even more unaffordable and ineffective Government programs. It is of paramount importance for Republicans to be better at communicating the benefits to the American people of their proposed programs in solving our most pressing economic challenges. Republicans can no longer afford to continue to be automatically tagged by the outdated negative labels pinned on them in a reflexive way by Democratic leaning main stream media commentators such as Brian Williams and John Harris.