Campaign 2012- Will Americans voluntarily give up their freedoms?

On April 19, 1775 eight Militia men were killed and ten more were wounded at Lexington, Massachusetts in the first battle in The War for Independence.  It was called the “Shot heard ‘round the world”.  Millions of Americans over the years have worked and fought tirelessly so all of us can live in freedom.

Chris and Ted Stewart, authors of a recent bestselling book titled “The Miracle of Freedom – 7 Tipping Points that Saved the World” make the case that fewer than 5% of human beings that ever lived – lived in freedom.  Americans can count their blessings that they are members of this very select group of individuals.

It is obvious to many that the American political system is in trouble and will be facing a decisive decision point on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. Many issues will be debated during the run-up to the November 2012 elections; however, the essential issue that the voters will determine is how much power shall be allocated to the individual versus the collective.

The great American experiment instituted by The Founding Fathers is based on the premise that man can rule himself. This proposition will be put to a critical test next November and will be decided voluntarily by the voters. The election will be a fundamental test of individual American’s resolve to continue to live in liberty and to exercise the responsibility of such a choice.

Bill Clinton’s Presidential victory over the then incumbent President George H.W. Bush was driven by a campaign focused on the following slogan:

“It’s the Economy – stupid!”

I believe the eventual 2012 Republican Presidential campaign message to every American citizen should be:

“It’s your freedom – stupid!”  

It is time for Americans to reclaim and exercise their freedoms for a better America. Power must flow back once again to reside in the hands of every single American. Government must be made to play a more limited role in all our lives.