Why Americans will vote for a Conservative as President in 2012.

Left and Right are labels that designate the two contrasting and opposing Liberal-Progressive and Conservative political philosophies.  The American political system operates like a pendulum that moves  Left or Right adjusting to the results of the election outcomes for President and Congress.

The Progressive and Conservative operating philosophies line up on the opposite sides of the spectrum in the following ways:

  Core Liberal-Progressive Values:                         Core Conservative Values:

Collective duties and responsibilities Individual Freedoms and Personal Responsibility
Expansive Government Limited Government
Federal Control by Washington D.C. Local Control by State and Local Government
Secular Society – Man is supreme Belief in a higher authority
Interpret the law according to the circumstance Enforce and live by established standards
The law should change over time Traditional, the law is more eternal by nature
The Minority rules       The Majority rules
Celebration of what makes us different Celebration of what we have in common
Emotion and feelings dominate           Rationality and Reason dominate


On a Presidential Level, Democrats Wilson, FDR, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson and Carter moved the political pendulum to the Left and Republicans Coolidge, Hoover, Eisenhower, Reagan moved the pendulum to the Right.  Nixon was labeled a conservative who operated at times somewhat to the Left and Clinton a liberal who was forced to lean a small degree to the right for several pragmatic reasons.  George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush moved the pendulum to the right of center; however, many of their fiscal policies were not conservative in nature.  Teddy Roosevelt changed his political outlook from conservative to progressive as the years went along.  He became a prominent pioneer of the Progressive movement. 

Every measure of current sentiment points to Americans feeling extremely uneasy about their government and their futures.  In order to move forward and address the challenges that face us, it is important to have a clear understanding of the current situation.  President Obama’s vision of America moves the political pendulum significantly to the left at an accelerating rate. More and more Americans are alarmed each day that the current Administration has implemented policies based on the liberal progressive agenda and they have failed us miserably.  Americans are more cognizant that Liberalism in practice does not work.

The dramatic increase in Federal Government spending leading to record deficits, the passage of  Obama Care, increased Federal regulation of business, the lack of an energy policy that promotes self-sufficiency, failed Education policies and promotion of the grow of Union power all contribute to an economy that is suffering with no end in sight.  Small business and Entrepreneurs are the drivers of job growth in this country.  Their reluctance to hire and expand is caused by the increasingly uncertain environment created by current politics.

Beyond our own failures, many European countries on are also on display desperately fighting the economic catastrophes created by advanced Socialism.  The burdens of Cradle to Grave Socialism have caught up in devastating ways to Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, the United Kingdom and the latest – France.

What do we do?  The traditional answer has always been the best answer for America. Americans are faced with failure especially in economic matters due to the movement of the public policy pendulum too far Left.  When the economy is dramatically suffering, we have a strong history of voting into office leaders that worked to regain a proper balance between the two competing core value systems.

From Hoover to FDR,

From Truman to Eisenhower,

From Carter to Reagan,

From George H.W. Bush to Clinton,

From George W. Bush to Obama,

From Obama to a Conservative.

2012 will be the year Americans vote to adjust the political pendulum back to the right.