Is America facing an Identity Crisis?


It is obvious to many that the American political system is in trouble. Many are worried about the future direction of this country. America is facing no less than an identity crisis. How do we start to solve the great issues of the day? Where do we start?

Great leaders have always emerged in our history at the time of crisis to show us the way. However, it is the citizen’s duty to learn as much as possible regarding the leading issues and challenges of the day so when it is time to enter the voting booth an informed decision can be made.

Citizens still have the power in this country – the key is to exercise it. The issue of greater citizen participation goes beyond merely voting. The rapid growth of the Tea Party movement is a current example of proactive direct citizen action. More importantly it reflects a significant discontent among mainly middle class citizens across the country. Tea Party members represent the full spectrum of Republican, Independent and Democratic voters. They aim to reclaim government from the established elites, the insiders and to change the status quo. It is truly a grass-roots effort dominated by local organizations interconnected by New Media. Their efforts will lead to a government more reflective of middle class or conservative views.

The identity crisis that America faces is due to the ongoing competition between the views of the Progressives and the Conservatives. With the election of President Obama and the sweep of Democrats into office in 2008, our country has taken on an even more European style Progressive/Socialist flavor. The most interesting point is due to the failure and unsustainable nature of the Progressive/Socialist economic and social models in Europe, these nations have been forced to cut the size and scope of their governments.

We live in an era influenced by the ideas of governing that became popular at the turn of the 20th century called the Progressive Era. The progression of the role of government from that time to now has been towards dominant responsibility of societal problem solving being assumed more and more each year by the Federal Government. In order to take on such vast responsibilities, the Federal Government demands an increasingly large amount of funding each year and resorts to borrowing from future generations in order to pay its obligations.

Nothing less than the future identity of America is at stake in the next election in 2012. The conflict lies on the dividing line between the political philosophies of the Left (Progressives) and the Right (Conservatives).  We are currently operating with an Administration implementing political solutions that has moved this dividing line even further left. The voters in the recent Congressional elections of 2010 have sent a strong message that the government’s role in society on both a Federal and State & Local level must be reduced.

President Obama and the Democratic agenda of a society dominated by certain elites operating through the ever increasing powers of the Federal Government has been tried and has dramatically failed in so many ways. The Tea Party movement is gaining increasing momentum and its collective message is that we must move our path back to solutions based on a more conservative and individual based approach. The collective solutions run by big government are ineffective, inefficient and often fail miserably.

The success or failure of the Tea Party Movement will be the dominant factor in determining America’s identity in the years to come. It is the duty of the movement to present its message as clearly as possible and let the people decide. All of our futures are at stake.

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